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Smaller ships can squeeze into the nooks and crannies of the world that larger, mass market vessels cannot reach, bringing a more intimate and individual feel to your cruise. This means you can experience lesser known and explored destinations in sociable surroundings more reminiscent of a relaxed private club.

River journeys, exploratory voyages and small ship adventures to destinations off-the-beaten-track present extraordinary alternatives to mainstream and larger resort style ships. 

River: By their very nature, riverboats need to be smaller and more compact, generally accommodating only 200 or so guests maximum. They offer a different pace and feel to ocean cruises, with a more relaxed atmosphere complemented by fixed dining and shared tables at mealtimes. Think of it as a floating city break as riverboats generally dock in city centres while passing through beautiful scenery in-between.

Adventure: Sailings on stately tall ships, smaller boats and expeditionary vessels are an ideal way to delve into the world’s most offbeat destinations and spot spectacular wildlife. Discover the best sites to view polar bears, to meet indigenous tribe people or follow in the footsteps of legendary explorers. Adventure cruising can take you to places other ships cannot reach – and sometimes with just a small group of passengers per voyage.